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Our consumptions

We have carried out a series of statistical studies on the Pays de Fayence in order to be able to rely on reliable data to meet your needs in the areas of management and optimization of water resources.

- Climate and rainfall evolution

- Search for professional partners working in the water sector

  • Manufacturers of flexible and underground tanks

  • Companies involved in the field of gutters / zinc plumbers

  • Earthwork

  • Companies and suppliers in the field of reprocessing domestic water or gray water

  • Water production and consumption in the Pays de Fayence


Evaporation from a swimming pool

In the summer season, day and night, a swimming pool can lose up to 2 centimeters per day.


For a pool with a surface area of 50 m²

– 10x5 meters - 20 liters / m²

i.e. 1 m³ per day


The evolution of rainfall in the Pays de Fayence

La pluie sur le toit

Water recovery
rain / roofs

For example, if we take the last rainfall over the country of Fayence, 

November 03, 2022

It fell 20 mm / m², or 20 liters

If you have a roof with an area of 100 m²


It's 2,000 liters, or 2 m³ that you could recover and store

Purificateur verre d'eau

The water consumption of French households breaks down as follows:

  1. Baths and showers = 39%

  2. WC flush = 20% 

  3. Laundry and washing machine = 12%

  4. Dishes and dishwasher = 10% 

  5. Cooking and meal preparation = 6%

  6. Miscellaneous cleaning and maintenance = 6% 

  7. Beverage = 1%

Total water consumption    

By recycling gray water from baths, showers, sinks from washing machines and dishes, you can reuse 61% of your water consumption.

  • First for the toilet flush

  • Second for watering your garden if you have one.

We have chosen a process, made in France.

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Rapport financier


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