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Who are we ?

Descendant of a Provençal family settled in Provence for several generations, the founder grew up in an arid Provence where the question of water has always been of capital importance.



A tiny plot of 200 m² has been passed down from generation to generation since the revolution within the founder's family.

Located in Mons, it is isolated in the middle of the rocks, and isolated by other owners!

A well is present in its center.

As a symbol and a reminder of the difficult question of water in Provence, it is preciously preserved and transmitted within the family from generation to generation!


Water is also at the heart of his first swimming pool renovation business.


Solidarity olive grower, the family property produces olive oil and hosts a market gardener who currently produces around twenty baskets of vegetables each week.


All these activities have a capital and vital link with water.

We must therefore preserve, manage and optimize our water resources, while being aware in this transition, of economic imperatives, such as tourism and seasonal rentals with swimming pools.

The founders
by G&O-Aqua

Geo-Aqua is a company that wants to meet the challenges of our time.

Economic constraints such as climate change are not inevitable.

By creating this company Gilles Portaz wanted private and entrepreneurial action to accompany the action of public authorities and citizens.

An entrepreneur in the renovation of pool linings, and a committed citizen, he joined forces with his son, Célian, an international management student at the University of Ottawa in Canada, in order to connect generations and promote the transmission of values. that are sorely lacking today in an economy that has become almost exclusively focused on finance.


Gilles Portaz grew up in the middle of a family olive grove, in an arid land, Provence.

He has been familiar with the hydrological challenges of this region since his childhood.

Aware that tourism is an essential branch of the local economy, he wanted to initiate a process of transition with the scarcity of water resources, using all the possibilities at our disposal to reconcile environmental protection and the pursuit of sustainable development. a reasoned tourism.


Thus, G&O-Aqua is the company that accompanies the activity of its twin company,

SRP-Méditerranée, Coating Solutions for Swimming Pools.


Gilles Portaz

Founder and Director

renovation contractor

pool lining


///// Portaz


International management student

at the University of Ottawa


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